Thermally Broken Windows.


Thermally broken is the term used to describe placing an insulating barrier between the inside and the outside portions of the window frame and between the two glass panels of a double glazed window.

As a natural process heat will always try to escape from a warmer place to a cooler place. For windows this means that the heat of the summer wants to escape from outside into the cooler space within the property, in winter obviously, the heat within wants to escape to the cooler air outside.

Thermal breaking is designed to provide resistance to heat flow, which in turn is going to prove more energy efficient, and cost effective.

Our modern windows can be incorporated into all screen and curtain walling systems in a variety of configurations such as top, side and bottom hung variations.

All window systems can be fully drained either into a cill section or face drain cap, with trickle venting also available, resulting in exceptional weather resistance.